PLEASE NOTE: If you are taking advantage of an offer that entitles you to a FREE copy of the Goalkeeping Perfroamance Programme you DO NOT need to add it to your basket, it will be sent to you within 24 hours.


The Goalkeeper Performance Programme contains:

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Bodyweight Strength Programmes
  • Warm-Up
  • On-Pitch Running/Conditioning Sessions
  • Coordination Drills
  • Technical Drills with Coaching Points


By purchasing the Goalkeeping Performance Programme you will also be entitled to recieve virtual coaching support to help your development when completing the programme. Simply send a short (5minute max) video and you will recieve feedback and coaching points from us, this feedback will be tailored and individual to you.

Goalkeeper Performance Programme

£15.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
  • By purchasing the Goalkeeper Performance Programme you agree to the below terms of purchase:

    1. Direct Keeping and the sporting professionalls used to develop the Goalkeeper Performance Programme are not liable for any injury, loss or death should it occur before, during or after any element of the programme.
    2. All elements have been tested with goalkeepers of varying age, gender and ability to ensure they are able to be completed safely.
    3. You should consult a medical professional before you undertake this programme if you have any underlying health conditions.
    4. All information included within the Goalkeeper Performance Programme has been included to support a goalkeepers development and should be adjusted to meet individual needs where appicable.
    5. Any photos and/or videos sent in to us for analysis may be used on social media unless you tell us otherwise. No names, clubs or ages will be mentioned when the videos are posted.
    6. Sharing of any information within the Goalkeeper Performance Programme will invalidate your entitlement to virtual coaching support.
    7. Direct Keeping reserves the right to withdraw the offer of free virtual coaching support should they feel that right is being misused.